In the beginning

Moyashi is the largest producer
of soybean sprouts in Italy

We have been growing bean sprouts for over 30 years and our experience has enabled us to understand how to produce high quality soybeans.

“My father, Adami Amilcare, founder of the company in 1986, dedicated his life to finding the right way to produce soybeans in Italy in a totally natural way. He believed in the food of the future and after many attempts and errors, he managed to have a safe and professional production in which everything is calibrated, from the water temperature to the number of irrigations, to the degree of humidity, always respecting the times of growth as nature intended. Now it is time for me and Fulvio, my partner, to lead the company towards new destinations, together with the 15 families who work here with us, starting a renewal process that thanks all the time my father and mother dedicated to the success of this reality “.

Paola Adami

Paola's father, Adami Amilcare, was a pioneer of this crop,
experimenting new techniques and new machinery
to improve both the cultivation, the washing and drying processes.

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The seed of soy sprouts is called ming bean.

Here at Moyashi, we only use seeds for food use that were declared allergen-free and GMO-free.

In this place, that is similar to a cellar for wine resting, soy sprouts are grown,
no longer in wooden vats but in plastic vats that meet the new sanitary standards.
In order to keep the product protected from contamination, no soil is used ion this process:
there is only darkness, water and humidity.

Moyashi's soy sprouts are sanitized in water, dried and then are ready for consumption.

They are treated just like any other fresh-cut product and need to be stored in refrigerators between 0-8° C.

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